Talking with Your Eye Doctor

What is a Retina Specialist?

If DME is diagnosed or suspected, your eye doctor will probably refer you to a Retina Specialist. This is an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) who specializes in diagnosing and treating eye diseases in the back of the eye. A retina specialist typically performs a full eye exam and talks with you about your condition and the best course of treatment for you.

The nurse, technician, and office staff at your eye doctor can also provide information about DME.

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Find a retina specialist

Finding a Retina Specialist

An easy way to find a retina specialist is to ask your eye doctor for a referral. You can also ask other diabetic specialists, such as an endocrinologist or diabetic nurse, for a recommendation. You may also find a specialist near you by going to the American Society of Retina Specialists website.

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